At Cheltenham Prep, boarders have the opportunity to turn the school into their playground after the school day has finished, enjoying all the facilities The Prep has to offer.

As a family we aim to create the culture of an extended boarding family, where each child feels safe, happy and valued. We aim to ensure that the children enjoy their boarding experience and develop friendships that last well beyond their years at The Prep.

Having both boys and girls from Years 3 to 8 under one roof helps create the sense of being part of an extended family. Under our guidance as Houseparents and with the support of Assistant Houseparents, Boarding Graduates, House Tutors, Matrons and Parents, we believe children are well supported to ensure they enjoy their boarding experience.

The week is carefully structured within the Boarding House. It gives your child the balance they need between achieving highly at school, developing as an individual and enjoying well-deserved leisure time. The evening Boarding House routine starts between 5:00pm or 6:00pm depending on whether your child is doing an activity. Boarders’ Tea is at 6:00pm. The Houseparents, Matrons and Boarding Graduate Students look after our Boarders during the course of the evening. The majority of prep is completed during the school day. However, if a boarder has further prep to complete there is an optional study session for all of our Boarders supervised by our boarding team after supper.

We expect all the children to learn how to change their own bed sheets. Flexi Boarders are expected to change their sheet in the morning after their last night so that the bed is ready for the next boarder. We believe this is an important life skill that will stand the children in good stead for the future, as well as helping to develop a sense of community within the Boarding House.

Weekends at The Prep are special. There are around 40 Full-Time Boarders, the majority of which stay with us over the weekend. It means the warm sense of community continues throughout the week and your child will always feel at home. On Saturday afternoons, our Boarders have free time to rest and unwind after sports matches and a busy week at school. Saturday evenings are Movie Nights – a chance to spend some ‘family time’ watching a choice of movies and enjoying some popcorn! On a Sunday, we like to celebrate the end of the of the week and enjoy a special activity, such as Free Dog (trampoline park), crazy golf, pizza night, cinema trips, live sport or sometimes some well-deserved retail therapy. Alternatively, on some occasions, we have activities at The Prep such as in-house laser tag, zorbing, silent discos, live music performances or even an in-house pampering session, for those who would like to!

Cade House Boarding at Cheltenham Prep

Keeping In Touch With Your Child & Boarding Family

We believe communication with parents is a vital ingredient to a successful boarding experience. Good communication between us (Houseparents) and parents will allow your child and each family to become part of the boarding extended family.

You are very welcome to telephone or email our Boarding House team, as well as arrange an opportunity to talk in person. Drop-offs and pick-ups are a great opportunity to catch up with boarding staff after or before holidays. All Boarders have access to a landline telephone in the Boarding House at any time before bedtime. Mobile phones may be used to make calls and send texts (in moderation), at set times in the evenings and weekends. Your child will have their own email address provided by The Prep and they will be able to access their email accounts on the boarding iPads during free time. Children love receiving letters and personal mail and all post is brought to the Boarding House daily. Our Boarders’ safety is our prime concern. Devices may only access the internet through the school’s dedicated ‘Pupil Wi-Fi’, which offers safe, filtered access to the internet. Details of our technology and communication policies can be found in our Parents’ Guide to Boarding at The Prep.

Boarding House Tour

Boarding at The Prep helps children to develop their independence, confidence and resilience.

Military Families

More than twenty military families love all that is on offer at The Prep, and parents enjoy the flexibility of midweek visits, time away together at weekends, and phased pick up for Exeat weekends. Come and discover for yourselves what makes The Prep so special. For a taste of what life is like at The Prep for military families, watch the video below.

Boarding at the Prep for Military Families

Whether you choose Occasional Boarding, Flexi Boarding or Full Boarding, we have an open-door policy and would love to welcome you to visit the Boarding House at The Prep and meet our family, as well as our extended family of boarders. If you would like any further information on boarding, please feel free to contact [email protected]

Meet the Houseparents


Mr & Mrs Avery

We joined The Prep in September 2021 after spending three years teaching in Nairobi, Kenya and seven years teaching at St Hugh’s Prep School, Oxfordshire. We have three young daughters, Olive, born in December 2018, Fleur born in July 2020 and Gigi born in November 2022. We also have a five-year old Labrador, called Mazzi. We love dog walks, cooking and being outside.


Mr Avery

I attended Cheltenham College as a boy from 2003 – 2008, and finished my Cheltenham College career as Head of Newick House and 1st XV Rugby captain. I have taught Design Technology and currently teach PE & Games. I am a keen Rugby and Tennis player and I enjoy cooking and walking Mazzi.


Mrs Avery

After my first teaching job in London, I moved to Kenya and worked as an Early Years teacher. I am passionate about creating an exciting learning environment in which children can flourish and enjoy learning. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than listening to the junior boarders read and helping them at the start of their boarding journey here at The Prep.

Pastoral care has always been my passion and I love being on the boarders’ landing and listening to the children talk about their day. I enjoy cooking (I have been told my chocolate brownies are the best in the world!), making pom poms and, most recently, the skill of making slime.



Olive, Fleur & Mazzi

Olive is three and loves being part of the boarding family. She enjoys having her breakfast and supper with the children and gets plenty of hugs and attention! Fleur is the newest addition to the boarding team and is one. She is already becoming accustomed to the buzz and busy atmosphere of the boarding house. Mazzi is our Labrador, who also enjoys lots of attention and can often be found running around the grounds.

Life Outside of the Classroom


In the Classroom


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