Travel Vaccinations

We offer a comprehensive travel vaccine service to pupils who are registered with us, most of which incur a fee just as they would in a GP surgery, which is then added on to your school bill. Please contact us for current prices when required. There is a particularly large uptake of travel vaccines administered to Upper Sixth pupils in preparation for gap year travel.

We can advise on recommended vaccines and provide travel health advice for all pupils. Kindly contact us a minimum of 8-12 weeks prior to travel so that we have time to vaccinate. Some of the vaccines require more than one dose. Each vaccination will require a separate signed consent form which we can email to you upon request.

For last minute travel it is always worth asking regarding the recommendations and we will do our best to vaccinate as far as possible.


Holiday Treatment

If your child should need treatment during the holidays, this may be arranged with your family doctor as a ‘temporary resident’. If your child has any operation, accident, severe illness or is given vaccinations, please notify the Matron on return to school and inform the Health Centre, preferably in writing. This is especially important to ensure that vaccinations are not duplicated, and to ensure that any medication is safely administered as intended.

If your child returns to school with medication, please hand this to the Matron, who will dispense appropriately. We ask that all medication is signed in with Matron, in certain cases Self Medication Forms can be signed and the pupil can keep their own supply of medication. This needs to be authorised via the Health Centre. This is to protect both your child and others.