Sixth Form Examinations

An excellent education strikes a balance between achieving the best grades you can while also developing delight, curiosity, analysis, knowledge and understanding.

You will have specialist subject tutors for every subject you study. At College we will encourage you to take responsibility for your own learning but we will also support you with a strong pastoral framework.

Throughout your time at College we will provide advice both on revision and relaxation and there is always someone to talk to, whether it’s the Sixth Form mentors, your tutor, your Housemaster or Housemistress, one of the Matrons, other teachers, College’s Counsellors or the Chaplain. If you decide to apply to Oxbridge, dedicated support is also provided – you can find out more about this at Oxbridge Preparation.

The success of this overall approach is reflected in the grades our students receive at A Level. College is proud of our students and their results, which provide a springboard for future success.

In 2023 our pupils placed at 49 different UK institutions including, Oxford, Cambridge, Bath, Bristol, Cardiff, Durham, Edinburgh, Exeter, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Warwick and York to name some. All candidates for Oxford and Cambridge met their offers and 69% of our pupils are heading to Russell Group universities. Top subjects to be studied include Business Management, History, Politics, Engineering, Healthcare and Economics.

Cheltenham College Head, Nicola Huggett remarked:

“In this most challenging year, with a return to full content for all A Level subjects, we are absolutely delighted to see the hard work of our wonderful Upper Sixth Form pupils rewarded. They have worked extremely hard and both they and the amazing staff at Cheltenham College should be deservedly proud of all that they have achieved together. This has been a great team effort on all fronts. We are so pleased that we have continued to see this upward trajectory in our academic outcomes.

These results have been many years in the making for our pupils and the depth of their character shines through, not just in these achievements, but also in their many other contributions to our wider community. As a year group, these young people have really led by example in their commitment to charity and partnership work, to sport, music and drama too. We thank them for the legacy they leave behind them and we know they will go on to great things in their future careers.”

A Level Highlights from 2023


of pupils’ results have been graded A*-A


of pupils’ results have been graded A*-B

2023 A Level Results

  A* A*-A A*-B
2023 20% 52% 79%
2022 20% 54% 81%
2021* 45% 75% 91%
2017-2021 22% 55% 80%

* COVID year, featuring TAGS and CAGS

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Oxbridge Preparation

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