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Life Outside of the Classroom

Life Outside of the Classroom

Time well spent outside of the classroom is just as important as the time inside the classroom. There are many activities that students can take part in to enrich their learning experience.

These include Art, DramaClubs & ActivitiesMusic and Sports.


During their time at The Prep your child will explore art and their artistic skills in an environment that enables their creativity to blossom. He or she will also be able to take their skills and interests further outside the classroom, with our Art Studio open all day for children to come and create.  

Our bright, purpose-built Art Studio is the focus for art at The Prep and contains all of the tools your child will need to create their own masterpiece. Within the curriculum, your child will explore a wide variety of  media, steadily trying and learning new skills, and creating art that makes them feel good about themselves. We have numerous opportunities to display pupils’ artwork,  often in contexts that parents, visitors and even the public can view.    

Outside the classroom, your child can choose  to take part in a weekly Art Club  where they can enjoy creating art and developing their talent even further. In Upper School, we also offer an Art Scholars' Club to support pupils who are considering or preparing for an art scholarship.  

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Clubs & Activities  

Our  huge  programme of over 40 clubs and activities has been designed to help your child  explore new  interests and develop their hobbies outside the curriculum.  

Examples of the clubs on offer include  Archery, Bakery,  Coding, Creative Writing, DT, Equestrian and  Fencing,  as well as sports clubs, Art and Drama. We aim to  provide a mix of activities that allow your child to take  talents  they have shown in the classroom further as well as explore something that is  ‘out of the ordinary’ and far removed from what they will learn during the main school day.   

Your child will be encouraged to  take part in regular clubs and activities each week. Many children choose to take part in as many as possible, although  we always take care to balance  academic needs  with these out-of-school commitments.  

Our clubs and activities are run by our talented, experienced staff. They  typically  take place after the formal school day ends and many make use of the outstanding modern facilities Cheltenham Prep has to offer.   

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Drama has much to offer in children’s personal development  and  your child will have plenty of opportunities to practise  their skills  during their time at The Prep.  

In Lower School, Drama Club focuses on acting skills and performance techniques. In Middle and Upper School, the focus switches to productions where anyone who would like to participate gets a part. The Shakespeare Schools’  Festival provides a further opportunity for pupils to rehearse scenes  from Shakespeare  that they then perform both in school and at a professional local theatre as part of the  world’s largest youth drama festival.  

Aside from our Drama Clubs and lessons, your child will also be able to play a part in one of the many performances that each area of The Prep holds throughout the year. These include a nativity play, musical, pantomimes, Shakespeare and  an annual stage production which we perform in front of parents and guests. 

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Music is an important part of life at The Prep both in the classroom and outside it, with private one to one tuition available to any pupil.  This  focus is reflected in the numbers of pupils who join national ensembles and orchestras and gain music scholarships after they leave The Prep.  

Music lessons are part of life at all levels  at The Prep, from discovering instruments, rhythms and songs in Nursery to musical theory and music-making through the rest of school.   

Much of our musical activity takes place in the Lake House, which has a fully equipped music technology suite of Apple iMacs and digital keyboards, 10 individual practice rooms, instrument storage and a music library.  

Private tuition is available if your child would like to learn one or more musical instruments. Learning a musical instrument is an excellent way to develop self-esteem, patience and confidence as well as to nurture a talent. Over 75% of  our pupils take this opportunity to enhance their skills.  

Your child can also take part in lots of different musical groups. The Prep has four choirs, an orchestra, a jazz band, string ensembles, wind and brass groups, string quartets, cello trios,  a  guitar group and  a  percussion ensemble  that practise during lunch breaks and after school.  

Performance is a vital part of musical learning and  Cheltenham  College offers  outstanding performance spaces. Our Assembly Hall has specialist lighting, sound and seating for 200 people. We have a theatre, Big Classical, the chandelier-lit recital room,  Thirlestaine  Long Gallery in  Thirlestaine  House and our stunning 19th century Chapel.   

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Sport for all is the ethos at The Prep. Whether it’s the first team or the Under 8s C team, every team has their own designated coach  and  our inclusive approach  allows all children to participate and lots to excel.

Our teachers and coaches are experts in their sports.  Many, such as our Director of Rugby Olly Morgan, are ex-professionals too. Our outstanding sports facilities  include grass and  Astro Turf  pitches, an athletics track, tennis courts and squash courts,  a  fitness suite,  a  25 metre indoor  swimming pool and a  fully equipped  sports hall. It all  means the quality of sports teaching at The Prep really stands out.    

Your child will play a range of sports throughout each year. For girls it begins with hockey in the  Autumn  Term and  then netball in the  Spring  Term. In the Summer Term, there are opportunities for both tennis and cricket. For the boys it is rugby in the  Autumn Term, hockey and football  in the  Spring  Term  and cricket in the  Summer  Term. Your child will also have the chance to try  a range of other sports including swimming, cross country, athletics and skiing.     

To help  your child  develop their  skills  and enjoy new experiences,  he or she will have lots of  opportunities to  take part in  competitive sporting fixtures,  sports trips and tours  at  all stages of their school career.    

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